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Upstate's Cold Brew

Cold Brew Concentrate (16 oz.)

Cold Brew Concentrate (16 oz.)

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Experience the unique flavor of our South and Central American coffee beans roasted to perfection right here in town for a truly unforgettable cup.

Our blend offers a rich, nutty, robust flavor with notes of dark chocolate and subtle hints of citrus and caramel - perfect for making any morning brighter.

Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience with our signature cold brew - you won't be disappointed! 

This bottle contains 16 fl. oz and makes eight glasses of cold brew coffee.


We recommend using 1 part cold brew concentrate and 2 parts water or your preferred milk/creamer.

This cold brew concentrate is made weekly in small batches and ships out fresh within 2 weeks!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
James Kehoe
Always keep this around!

This cold brew concentrate is perfect for making delicious cold coffee drinks in an instant. We use it at our bar for espresso martinis, carajillos, or just when we need a pick-me-up!

Tim Fealey
Great Product

Love to support this company - great product, great company, great dudes! Definitely recommend for your home or office stash of cold brew!

jessica coles
A sip of pure delight

Subscribing to this cold brew service has been an absolute joy. It has elevated my mornings, brought a smile to my face, and reminded me of the power of supporting local businesses. If you’re searching for an outstanding coffee experience that goes beyond flavor and convenience, look no further. This subscription is an exceptional blend of taste, art, and empowerment – and it deserves all the praise it gets!

Kathleen Cusack
Just what I’ve been looking for

I first tried this cold brew walking through the farmers market in Troy and literally couldn’t stop thinking about how delicious it was. I had my friends all try and sent them over to get their own. The flavor is so incredible and balanced. There’s the nicest hint of chocolate at the end of each sip and it’s energizing without the jitters. Smash that add to cart button.

Nala Woodard
Smooth sipping!!

Upstate Cold Brew was the best cold brew I have had. I was pleasantly surprised with the well-rounded flavors and how smooth it was. Such a refreshing and invigorating afternoon beverage for me.