Our Coffee Commitment

Our Coffee Commitment

As a cold brew company, we are committed to more than just brewing great coffee. We also strive to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. As co-owners who have dedicated our lives to social justice and supporting our community where there is a need, we proudly announce our partnership with My Lua. My Lua is a health organization dedicated to reducing maternal mortality and morbidity rates and improving the overall experience of pregnancy and childbirth for birthing people.

Despite significant medical advancements, the maternal health crisis in the US remains an urgent matter. Each year, there are over 700 deaths from pregnancy-related complications. Maternal mortality and morbidity rates are disproportionately high among marginalized communities, particularly Black and Native people, who experience rates two and three times higher than their white counterparts. This is unacceptable, and we all have a role in addressing this crisis.

Please join us as we support this women-led initiative that shares our commitment to social responsibility and making an impact in this world. This month, when you purchase UCB cold brew and merch, a portion of the proceeds will support My Lua's ongoing efforts to reduce maternal mortality, advance health equity, and improve patient care.

Learn more about this issue here.

Learn more about how My Lua Health is helping combat it here.

Support the cause and enjoy UCB here.

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