Peanut Butter Cup Latte

Peanut Butter Cup Latte

Hold up. Wait a minute! There’s no reason these little mini peanut butter cups are this good. So you know we had to do a latte with @upstatescoldbrew

- 2 oz @upstatescoldbrew concentrate
- 2 oz almond milk (or your milk of choice)
- 1 oz oat milk creamer
- 3-4 mini peanut butter cups @traderjoes
- chocolate syrup
- ice

In a glass add ice 🧊, your favorite coffee concentrate AKA @upstatescoldbrew cold brew concentrate, and your choice of milk 🥛

In a separate glass, add the few mini peanut butter cups you’ve manage to save for your drink. Crush them up, add your oat milk creamer and froth.

Top your latte with this peanut butter cup froth and a chocolate drizzzzzzzle. Enjoy!




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