Espress Yourself Martini

Espress Yourself Martini

Albany Distilling Co is now featuring @upstatescoldbrew concentrate in their take of the classic espresso martini. Alongside their Death Wish Coffee-fueled Awakened Spirit vodka, this drink is delicious and will have you on GO!

- 1 oz @upstatescoldbrew concentrate
- 2 oz Albany Distilling Co. Awakened Spirit
- .5 oz simple syrup
- ice
- BrewBops playlist (link in bio)

In a shaker add your favorite coffee concentrate AKA @upstatescoldbrew cold brew concentrate, Albany Distilling Co. Awakened Spirit, simple syrup, and ice. Shake!!! It's really that easy.

Add a few coffee beans on top for a little razzle dazzle!




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