Cinna Toast Dirty Chai Latte

Cinna Toast Dirty Chai

Before it was cold brew our obsession was a dirty chai latte. The only difference now is we replaced espresso with the smoother, less bitter, less acidic @upstatescoldbrew concentrate. Oh, also this one has a Cinnamon Toast Crunch spin to it!

Here’s how we make it:

- 2 oz @upstatescoldbrew concentrate
- 4 oz chai latte concentrate @oregonchai
- 2 oz sweet & creamy almond creamer @silk
@cinnamontoastcrunch Cinna Dust to taste
- ice

Add your almond milk 🥛 creamer, chai concentrate, and some cinna dust in a glass and froth them into a healthy, committed relationship.
Put some ice and your favorite cold brew @upstatescoldbrew into a glass.
Pour in your frothed chai and you’re golden 💫





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